Happy Tuesday everyone!

For today’s outfit, I’m back in my usual! I swear it’s so hot in the Philippines that I feel like I can’t wear pants too often! Ever get the feeling of when you sweat, your jeans stick to your legs??? Haha, not a very pleasant feeling! I’m sure some of you wonder, why am I always in shorts, well, that’s exactly why! 
This is an outfit I would wear on a day where I have to run around doing errands or the groceries! I really like my comfort! I wouldn’t say that I am one of those girls who wouldn’t mind suffering for fashion!

One of my girlfriends asked me, what can she wear to look more fashionable but comfortable at work without having to wearing rubber shoes or flats! 
I said, wedges are always a comfier alternative to heels! It gives you the height you need and comfort to walk around in them all day!
 Here’s what I wore:

Sunglasses: Ray-ban
Polo: TopShop
Watch: Cartier
Shorts: Zara
Bag: Prada
Scarf Key Chain: Prada
Wedges: ShoesShoesShoes

P.S. Sorry about the little blurry parts in the photos, my sister didn’t realise that she touched the lens. I didn’t want to waste the photos so I still posted them! Hope you all don’t mind! 

Maggie xx

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for sharing your fashion knowledge!
    I hope you don't mind but I noticed that you often misspell words or have some grammatical errors in your blog. You can use an editor to avoid such :)
    You are so blessed, thanks once again for sharing a part of you to the world.

  2. Miles says:


    I love your wedge. What’s your size? If you will sell them in the future for bazaar I would happy to know.

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