Hello my loves!

My son Connor just turned ONE! Incredible how fast time flies, next I thing know he’ll start school, be a teenager, start dating (oh boy), Hahaha, and so on! Since it was such a haute-affair, I wanted to share with you some photos from his special day. The theme was simple, Red, White and Blue. I always like to keep things clean and chic, a lot of times kiddie party decor looks like a christmas tree exploded on them. I didn’t hire a decorator because I decided on what I wanted, on such short notice. Besides, I really do enjoy doing creative things on my own.¬†Quite a few of you asked where I bought certain things I used to display and decorate. You might’ve seen some of the photo’s on my instagram account on how we celebrated, here’s a post on how I party planned the whole party in just 4 days.

Connor’s Invites and Thank you cards were made by PAPER TREATS.

It’s an edible centerpiece. I filled these wooden boxes which I had custom made from HANDICRAFTS ATBP. with these really cute printed baking paper cups from PAPER CHIC STUDIO which I used to fill with all sorts of sweets like polvoron, gummy bears, chocolate kisses, caramel kettle corn and oreo’s. I also used little red pales and filled it with marshmallows and stick-o’s, so guests could munch on them while waiting for their food.

HANDICRAFTS ATBP. were so sweet to sponsor Connor’s giant name.

His cake was a gift from his ninang Rocio, which was designed and made my MARTA’S CAKES (They also created our wedding cake) The cake also came with customised cookie lollies which the guests took home as a sweet treat.

The cupcakes, I added! They are from CUPCAKES BY SONJA, soooooo yummy! They got wiped out!

These kiddie stools were also customised by HANDICRAFTS ATBP. they served a double purpose. For the kids to sit on as well as a great giveaway. They can make them in any print, even put on any cartoon character.

 These were the baking cups I used to put in all the sweets for the centrepiece. All from PAPER CHIC STUDIO.

The swirly straws and paper cups were perfect for the little theme I had going on, also from PAPER CHIC STUDIO.

Ahhh, the super cute giveaway baskets, made by HANDICRAFTS ATBP. I filled it Goodies from BENCH, a face towel, baby cologne, and hand sanitizer. If I had it my way, everything I’d put would be practical, hehe, but my mom was quick to remind me that the goodies bags were for the kids and not the moms so I also threw in a pencil set with rulers, toy cars for the boys, bubbles, hair clips for the girls and some gummy bears, kit-kats and maltesers. I used twine from PAPER CHIC STUDIO to tie on the “Thank you” cards made by PAPER TREATS.

Here’s where you can buy everything I used for the party (Just click on the names, they’re linked to the company’s FB Page or Wesite):


(Kiddie Stools, Connor’s name, Giveaway baskets, Centrepiece Boxes,)


(Paper Cups, Paper Straws, Twine, Baking Cups)


(Connor’s Invitation, “Thank You for Coming” Cards)


(Connor’s 1st Birthday cake, Cookie Lollies)




Maggie and Connor xx

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  1. anne lei says:

    That’s all awesome. I couldn’t wait to decorate my future baby’s birthday. thanks for ideas.

  2. Beautiful details! Loved all the paper products. :)

  3. Marjorie says:

    Beautiful details! Would definitely consider your suppliers for my daughter’s first birthday. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • MaggieWilson says:

      Hey Marjorie,

      Thanks, hope you enjoy planning your daughters 1st birthday just as much as enjoyed planning connor’s!

      Maggie x

  4. Nina Canoy says:

    Love the idea and the fact that it was so simple yet it turned out great especially in the pictures!

  5. mink says:

    I like that you kept it clean, uncomplicated and just fun for Connor. Given your resources, you could have gone crazy with the party, as what seems to be the wild trend now for kiddie bashes. Cheers and happy birthday to your little one!

  6. Shandie says:

    Hi Miss Maggie! Congratulations on planning a very successful birthday for your super duper cutie pie baby Connor :) I’ve been a fan of yours ever since your MTV VJ days and now I’m so inspired at how you have been such a dedicated wife and mom to your wonderful family. :)

    Keep on inspiring and happy birthday to baby Connor! :)

  7. marie valenciano says:

    Your so sweet mom for your baby… smile :) and also happy 1st birthday to your son connor and i wish him a good health…

  8. Mona Almenanza says:

    Hi Maggie,

    I just started reading your blog, and was in your site for HOURS! I am sure Connor’s party was a blast! I have a son too and I just had an idea what to do on his 5th birthday this October.

    Thanks Maggie for sharing. :) Keep on posting.

    P.S. You are very pretty :)

  9. daph cabauatan says:

    I really love your idea ms. maggie,so simple and cute pero nging big blast. Thanx for sharing connors birthday,super like much. My idea n dn ako s baby boy ko in his coming birthday.

    Take care and godbless

    daph :-P

  10. maqui says:

    lovely details!
    belated happy birthday to your little one

  11. karen joy says:

    you are creative… you stick with your visual creative mind… haha.. parang hindi maipunto yusto sabihin.

  12. Hi Ms. Maggie!

    I’m a fan of yours and was surprised that your son already turned one! Belated Happy birthday Connor! I’ve been planning kiddie parties too and I’m now concentrated on planning for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I also got Handicrafts atbp. for the mini stools souvenirs. Thank you for sharing your son’s party. I got some supplier’s info too. God Bless! :)

  13. dong says:

    Belated birthday wishes to Connor!…handsome and cute…

  14. April Razote says:

    Hi Maggie!

    I love how well and simple you planned your son’s party and yet it turned out so nice and elegant.

    Thanks for sharing your suppliers. I am starting to plan for my 1st born, my lil boy 1st birthday party on Feb 2014 and I am looking for possible suppliers.

    I hope you could also share your caterer for this event.

    Thanks and more power to you!
    God bless you and your family!

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