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Summer is finally here! Can you feel the heat? I definitely can, the weather has been scorching! When I step outside I get all “Hot and Bothered” and I mean that LITERALLY! Haha! If only I could just prance around in a swimsuit all day, then all would be perfect! Sadly, I live in the city and not at the beach. This post is all about my summer essentials. Items I simply cannot live without this time of  year! Everything here is what you’ll find in my beach bag for my trip to Boracay tomorrow! Hooray for some sun, sand and sea!

From Left to Right (Clockwise)

1. BELO ESSENTIALS Sun Expert SPF 40 Face

- Your face burns faster than your body, your facial skin is also more sensitive than the rest of your body. You wouldn’t to have sunburn on your body or even worse your face! So be generous with your sunscreen and don’t forget to keep reapplying!

2. LAURA MERCIER Vanilla Creme

- Probably to yummiest smelling body creme. Whenever I hit the beach I always like to wear scents reminiscent of the beach. Like, Coconut, Shea Butter and in this case, vanilla! It smells so good you’ll almost want to eat yourself! Haha! Lotion, also keeps your skin moisturised and makes your tan last longer!

3. BENEFIT’s “Cha Cha Tint”

- Since the beach isn’t really a place to wear full on makeup, here’s a little something you can put on your lips and face to enhance your tan. It also gives you that natural “flushed” look without wearing too much!

4. MICHAEL KORS Nautical Iphone Case

-  Ahhhh Yes! Even my iphone is on summer break! Haha! I don’t normally use cellphone casings, but I recently got myself a new smart line and now have two phones! I needed something to tell them apart, right?! What an excuse, I know.. but isn’t it adorable? Haha!

5. MAC Lip Stain

- If you want a little colour as well shiny luscious lips, well, here’s just the thing!

6. BELO ESSENTIALS Sun Expert SPF 60 Body 

- Now, now, you wouldn’t want to be shedding like a snake when you get back to the city after a nice long holiday at the beach now would you? And that’s why people invented sunblock! Again, it’s so important to protect your skin from sun damage. Especially if you’re the type who loves to go tanning regularly. Sun screen is so important to prevent skin cancer as well! Remember, be good to your skin because it’s the only one you’ve got!

7. V by Gendarme

– My new favourite scent! I’m so bummed that “Pure, Grace” by Philosophy no longer exists or rather it’s impossible to buy it here in Manila. Don’t fret, I found a great new alternative! Don’t you love it when you smell fresh out of the shower? I do! And this cologne smells just like that. I feel fresh and clean all day!

8. Sunglasses by CHARLIE. – I’m one of these people who can never leave home without sunglasses! I can’t live without them! My eyes are quite sensitive to the sun hence, that’s why they’re a necessity! Charlie, make such fashionable, fun and here’s the best part.. super affordable sunnies! I suggest you grab yourself a pair ASAP! Love them!


-  Here we go! In the heat, my lips always get chapped. Carmex is the perfect solution to that problem! I love smothering it on at night before I sleep for maximum results!

10. HERMES Scarf

-  Definitely something I am in love with at the moment! It was a birthday gift from my husbands aunt and I adore it! It’s big enough for me to lay out on, wear as a sarong and as well as a head scarf! So Chic!

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

And to those of you hitting boracay this weekend or are already there, see YOU there!

Maggie xx

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