Hi loves!

It’s our last day on the island, for this post I wanted to share my favourite breakfast/brunch place in Boracay! Real Coffee, is this ‘hole in the wall’ cafe that serves breakfast all day. I love how rustic the place is, it definitely screams island living with bamboo chairs and tables, with an open kitchen that feels like food is coming out of your own kitchen at home. They serve super yummy comfort food that just warms the belly, I literally MUST eat there everyday while i’m there. Here it is!

Love how it looks like your typical Filipino home kitchen! You can see all their produce and how everything is prepared, made with fresh ingredients.

Connor, waiting for his Real Coffee famous and original Calamansi Muffin! They are to die for! So so yummy!

The place is owned and run by a mum and daughter, Mama Lee and Nadine who are always really friendly and super hands on! They love taking photos of people that go there to eat, then stick the photos on to their tables, like a photo collage!

Now, here’s my favourite thing on the menu! The massive, triple decker, “Super Duper Manoc Manoc” Sandwich, ugh, it’s sooooo good! I ┬áhave it for breakfast every morning while i’m on the island, that’s how good it is! Haha! It’s stuffed with egg mayo, real chicken chunks, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese! I can almost taste it as I am writing this! Need to go back again soon for some more of this and those delish “cali muffins”!

Someone literally fell asleep after all that eating!

Hope you enjoyed your Easter!


From our little Easter Bunny Connor! xx

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